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Despite the restrictions on play, this season, we did not waste our time. Before lockdown, the Ladies formed a working party and set about decorating the inside of the Clubhouse. The Gents decorated the outside just before the Club was due to open. Social distancing was maintained throughout.

Sadly our inter club matches were cancelled but we still managed seven competitioms during the season.


The Corona Trophy

We started with this internal mixed pairs competition, a once in a life time award that was fiercely contested by four groups of six pairs. The weather was good for most of the competition and everyone was pleased to turn out for a game of bowls.The final was a popular event with a good crowd who, while keeping their distance, enjoyed the match. The winners were Valerie Biles and Derek Powell

The Corona Trophy

The Men's Singles Competition

Runnning alongside the Corona Trophy  was a men's singles competition which was won by Ron Houghton.

Winners Corona Trophy with Tony Highfoel

The Australian Mixed Pairs

This was, again, well-supported. This form of bowls match is designed for fun and a great favourite in the Club. The first game divided the field into winners and losers. Each half then played a knockout competition, the winners played for the Cup won by Ron Houghton and Annette Smith and the losers played for the Plate, won by Derek Powell and Valerie Biles.

Australian Mixed Pairs - Plate
Aus Mxd Prs Plate Runners-Up Roy willett and Barbara Nichols Winners - Valerie Biles and Derek Powell

A final event on this day was the presentation of the Morris Cup. This is in the gift of the ot-going Lady Captain who gives it to the lady player who has made the most progress during the season. As this was not appropriate in this strangest of years, Jane decided to present it to our Hon Secretary Anne Wilson for her dedication and hard work which had kept the Club functioning so efficiently throughout the season.

The weather held well into October and ther were Men's Pairs, Mixed Pairs, Mixed Triples and Mixed Fours competitions before we finally closed the green for the winter.

The members would like to thank Rod Hughes, Tug and Anne Wilson and John Hudson for organising these events. They helped keep the Club active and the members in touch with each other and the game of bowls.


In the middle of all these competitions we had a roll up and a barbeque. The weather was a bit grey but that didn't stop us from turning up for our burger  and hot dogs, cooked by chef David Morris. A big thank you to organisers John Hudson and Irene Fletcher.


The final event of the season was an open day, promoted by Bowls England  to draw people in for next season. Despite the September date, and limited opportunities for advertising we had a high level of interest. Our new recrits rolled up regularly until the green closed and left full of enthusiasm for bowling in 2021.

Open Day COVID.jpg
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