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Brixham St Mary's has a varied social programme that continues through the winter. It helps keep people in touch as well as providing a social aspect to their bowling. Once a week in summer we have a social roll up evening which once a month, is followed by a fish and chip supper. The summer barbecues are popular and our Finals Weekend in 2019 was accompanied by an all day arbecue and bar.

In the middle of October we start the Club's own skittles league. On Friday evenings the Clubhouse is transformed into a skittle alley. Anyone can come along for a game and a drink and the best player is awarded a cup at the end of winter.

We also have monthly socials to which everyone is invitedand these usually involve food and a fun activity. The Christmas party is a popular event with a fancy dress competition to round off the year.

In addition, the Ladies have a coffee morning once a month in the winter which centres around a craft workshop run by different lady members.This is always well-attended, not only because of the craft but also for the chat. The Ladies also have a Spring lunch before the season starts and another meal at the end to celebrate the great times they had on the green.

There is something to appeal to everyone if they choose to join in. Equally, there is no pressure if they simplywant to bowl.

Snow White and the Four Bowlers 2023

January 14th 2023 saw the Clubhouse transformed into a tiny theatre and, for one night only, playing to a full house, Snow White tripped acrss the stage supported by her bowling chums. The author of this panto-with-a-twist was Roy Willett our writer in residence whose script was full of wit and charm.

Tony Highfiels was the sinister Black Queen, the Wicked Stepmother who plotted to get rid of Snow White for being the Mirror's favourite. He was accompanied by Rumpy Sue Francis, and Pumpy, Cherry Highfield, two courtiers who trotted off to do his vile dirty work. Snow White, Jan Puckett, was lured to the forest, ate the apple and dropped into a poisoned sleep from which she was awoken by the Handsome Prince Steve Fosdyle, Hungry Bowler (Moira Withey), Slow Bowler (Jan Mountford), Wide Bowler (Jacqui Hill) and Wicker Bowler (Lena Haward) lived in the Forest and saved the day! The King (Spike Haward) was crushed under the thumb of his wicked wife.


Scenery and sound effects were supplied by Steve Fosdyke and Gill Sims was unflappable as manager backstage. The performance was accompanied by the traditional 'He's behind you....' 'Oh no he isn't!' choruses and everything went with a swing. The audience were full of admiration for the hard work and dedication of everyone who had taken part and genuinely appreciative of a good night out.

The Beginning and Middle

The Wicked Queen
Snow White and Friends
The 4 Bowlers
The King and Friends
Author Roy

The End

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